Latest News in Mepeco portfolio: underwater imaging devices SubC Imaging!

SubC’s mission is to continuously create the most technologically advanced and intelligent video equipment for the offshore and subsea markets.
SubC has made revolutionary changes in the way subsea imaging is conducted with Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

Mepeco is proud to represent the Canadian Company RUTTER!

Rutter is a marine technology company that provides innovative radar solutions designed to enhance safety and security in harsh conditions and challenging environments.
By using X-band radar technology Rutter has different applications like ICE, STS, OSD, and/or waves/surface currents.

HydroBios, Microplastic Smart Sampling With The New MANTA

The Microplastic Net "MANTA" has been designed for operation at inland waters, coastal areas and the open sea under calm conditions. The speciality of the Manta design is that it has "wings" mounted to the sides that lift the frame up and care for stability. The net opening is 15 x 30 cm and has one special feature: there is a little pin inside to which a Mechanical Flow Meter can be mounted.