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Glider for the acquisition of Marine parameters (Oceanography & Coastal Monitoring)

Alseamar SEAEXPLORER Glider
Alseamar - France
The SEAEXPLORER underwater glider is a powerful autonomous sensing platform designed to collect water column data profiles with very wide spatio-temporal coverage (thousands of km and weeks to months of endurance).

Driven by buoyancy changes, the vehicle silently glides up and down the water column while collecting physical, chemical, biological and/or acoustic data depending on the fitted sensors.

The SEAEXPLORER glider is a very cost-effective solution for data collection as it reduces reliance on large vessels with high daily running costs: no surface supervision boat is required during the mission. The SEAEXPLORER is easy to operate and can be deployed and recovered by reduced crews in coastal waters using small boats.

Please see the video: SEAEXPLORER Glider

ROV and Accessories

MARISCOPE - Germany, Chile & Argentina
The Commander MKII is the smallest of these vehicles equipped with 5 thrusters of 300 Watt of power each. Depth rated to 500m it can be equipped with a variety of oceanographic sensors, cameras, lights, manipulators and others in order to customize the vehicle according to the individual task and use.
MARISCOPE - Germany, Chile & Argentina
Commander MKIII, equipped with six thrusters of 300 Watt each, disposed in a vectorized manner. This ROV can be operated up to a depth of 1000 meters. Its newly developed hydrodynamic design and completely enhanced construction increases the ROVs efficiency. Due to its technical characteristics the Commander MKIII can carry out all kind of tasks, with special emphasis on searches, rescues, scientific studies and inspections.
MARISCOPE - Germany, Chile & Argentina
The Diavolo III is the next evolution of the FO III. Adding a lateral thruster improves the side-wards movements of the ROV.

It has a 24/7 work capacity, the same as all of the Mariscope ROVs and its open frame construction allows an easy adaption of accessories and easy maintenance. Since customizing is a main feature of our ROVs, Diavolo III can be adapted following the customer’s requirements.
MARISCOPE - Germany, Chile & Argentina
FLUNDER: Strong and robust AISI 316L stainless steel structural chassis, hand welded (TIG) and crystal blasted.
Standard sensors of all the company’s range of ROVs (Depth Gauge, Compass, ROV and Tilt mechanism inclination, Power consumption).
It includes the new generation of brushless motors with magnetic coupling and electronic protection.


Seaber - France
SEABER is an innovative company that designs and manufactures highly reliable micro-AUVs, for research and commercial oceanographic applications.
After years of experience and with a shared obsession for robotics and marine technologies, we decided to use our expertise and knowledge to develop the YUCO, the first micro-AUV that meets the specific needs of oceanographic researchers.
We believe that the future of ocean exploration belongs to fleets of numerous small, agile, and affordable AUVs.

To ensure perfect sealing, YUCO is compartmented in 2 sections. The dry section located in the middle and rear area is never to be opened by the user. This section hosts everything dedicated to navigation, including batteries, actuators, localization sensors and embedded electronics.

The wet section located in the front (nose) hosts the payloads (measurement devices) which are accessible to users. The wet section also embeds all necessary connector, for quick plug-and-play integration of new sensors.
To ensure everyday use in rough conditions, critical parts like mast and fins have been optimized over the years leading to a robust bio-inspired design.
Seaber - France
YUCO-CTD is the ideal tool to monitor accurately salinity and temperature in ocean, coastal environment and lakes.

With the payload YUCO-CTD micro-AUV has an autonomy up to 10 hours.
Additional sensors as dissolved oxygen and fluorimeter can be added to the CT sensor.
Seaber - France
YUCO-Scan micro-AUV just make AUV technology accessible. Using YUCO-Scan is certainly nowadays one of the most simple and cost-effective way to perform bathymetric surveys.
Equipped with a 680kHz Side Scan Sonar from DeepVision YUCO-Scan provide with a great quality of image with high-stability, accurate navigation and capable of managing coastal areas with waves and current.
Seaber - France
YUCO-PHYSICO micro-AUV is a game changer in water-quality monitoring. It offers the most versatile solution to monitor physico-chemical parameters in varied depth and great superficies.
Instead of single or a couple of sensors, it is a fully autonomous multiparameter sonde than the YUCO-PHYSICO micro-AUV is embedding. Any sensor from the sonde manufacturer proposed range can be used on YUCO-PHYSICO micro-AUV, such as, Sound Velocity, Condicitivty, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, pH, Chlorophyll A, Crude-oil, etc.)

USV (Unmmaned Surface Vehicles)

SB100 Surveyor
The SB 100 PRO is a compact multipurpouse Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) designed and manufactured under the "Ready to NAV" concept.

A versatile and multifunctional platform ready to host all types of payloads in order to meet needs related to:

# Hydrography
# Water Analysis
# Engineering Inspection
# Marine & Limnological Scientific Research
# Search & Rescue
# Water Surface Cleaning.
USV SB100 Cleaner
Water surface cleaning system;  Capture of floating solids and hydrocarbons

SB100 CLEANER is a compact Unmanned Surface Vehicle for water surface cleaning.

It can remove floating waste and hydrocarbons from:

# Marinas 
# Harbours
# Lakes
# Reservoirs
# Industrial ponds
# Artificial lagoons