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Mepeco focuses on technology designed for extreme conditions, challenging the most prohibitive environments from the polar regions to the most inaccessible deserts. 
Diving to the crushing pressure of the deepest ocean trenches, surviving the intense subterranean temperatures, and safely working with the most dangerous elements, we preserve integrity ensuring maximum accuracy, performance and reliability.

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Mariscope & Mepeco join forces

Mariscope Meerestechnik, is a German company located in Kiel and established in 1994 and with several years of dedication in the development of underwater robotics is now represented by Mepeco.

Due to the academic education of its founders, both oceanographers and physicists and their collaboration with scientific research, there has been permanent marine technological development in the company. As a result, the range of products and special developments has taken the company to international recognition.

Up to now, Mariscope Meerestechnik manufactures all kinds of oceanographic instrumentation for river-, coastal-, lake-, offshore- and deep ocean applications.

Mariscope focuses on underwater robotics, oceanographic engineering, offshore mining, aquaculture, hydraulics, consulting, marine technology and integration of measurement systems.

EVOLUTION® Isolation Gasket - The Future of Flange Isolation.

EVOLUTION® is a patent pending product that is the first of its kind to be a fully encapsulated isolating gasket. The thinner, 1/8” (3mm) design minimizes the difficulties often encountered while attempting to install thicker isolating gaskets. The total encapsulation allows the gasket to be hydro-tested and kept in the pipeline with virtually no loss in isolation properties.

This innovative gasket is coated using a GPT proprietary material designed specifically for the oil and gas industry that is extremely abrasion and impact resistant. The coating is also chemically resistant to attack from H₂S, steam, CO, CO₂, and other chemicals found in oil and gas pipelines.

EVOLUTION® has passed API 6FB fire testing in multiple sizes and pressure classes and has a considerable increase in operating temperature over GRE products. Furthermore, EVOLUTION® does not have the permeation issues or chemical attack that plagues GRE gaskets.

Under harsh conditions, gaskets made from GRE may be vulnerable to chemical attack, blowout, thermal attack, hydrolysis and emissions —all of which can have serious consequences. EVOLUTION® is different. Its revolutionary materials and design provides industry-leading resistance to leakage and flange corrosion, as well as unprecedented levels of fire safety.

Unlike GRE gaskets, which are prone to delamination, EVOLUTION® has no laminations and as a result can better withstand high-pressure environments.

Rated to 500°F (260°C)*, EVOLUTION® can also operate under high temperatures. Tested comprehensively for safety, the product has API 6FB, 3rd Edition Fire Test recognition.
* When used with Mica sleeves and washers
Patent Pending PCT/US2018/016011


Fire-safe flange insulation in conjunction with cathodic protection
Insulation between dissimilar metals to prevent galvanic corrosion
Wellhead isolation from inter-connected flow lines
Valve connections
Christmas Tree connections
Pump connections
Compressor connections
Mating mismatched ring-joint to raised-face flanges (EVOLUTION® will seal in ring-joint, raised-face and flat face/slip-on flanges)
Eliminate fluid trap corrosion between ring-joint (RTJ) flanges where high concentrations of CO2, H2S and other aggressive hydrocarbon media are present
Eliminate turbulence and flow-induced erosion between ring-joint (RTJ) flanges.
Full Face (Type E) Available 
To seal between flanges subjected to vibration/cavitation (i.e., compressor stations).
For slip-on flanges and coated flanges, please contact GPT engineering