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Mepeco focuses on technology designed for extreme conditions, challenging the most prohibitive environments from the polar regions to the most inaccessible deserts. 
Diving to the crushing pressure of the deepest ocean trenches, surviving the intense subterranean temperatures, and safely working with the most dangerous elements, we preserve integrity ensuring maximum accuracy, performance and reliability.

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nke-instrumentation: New WiSens Multiparameters Probes

The new WiSens sensors, are autonomous DataLoggers, able to connect via WiFi (WEB Browser) to any device (Tablet, mobile ...), supported by both iOS, Mac OS, Windows and Android, with the big advantage of not be associated with any specific Software.
The Family:
- WiSens CTD measures and records values of temperature, pressure and conductivity, at a maximum working depth of 300m
- WiSens TBD measures and records data of temperature, pressure and turbidity, at a maximum working depth of 500m
- WiSens TD measures and records data of temperature and pressure, at a working depth between 5 to 6000m
- WiSens Wave measures and records data of temperature, tide and wave, at a maximum working depth of 50m

Chelsea CTG - FastBallast, Portable Compliance Monitor

Portable system for on board compliance monitoring of treated ballast water to the IMO D2 (10 to 50 µm) standard.

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