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Mepeco focuses on technology designed for extreme conditions, challenging the most prohibitive environments from the polar regions to the most inaccessible deserts. 
Diving to the crushing pressure of the deepest ocean trenches, surviving the intense subterranean temperatures, and safely working with the most dangerous elements, we preserve integrity ensuring maximum accuracy, performance and reliability.

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HydraSeis Multi-Channel Seismic Streamer

The HydraSeis UHR system has been developed to acquire digital multi-channel Ultra- High Resolution (UHR) seismic data. The design methodology of the HydraSeis system compliments applied acoustics existing range of Ultra- High Resolution sound sources to provide a step change in performance for data quality.

The in- water internal 16kHz 24-Bit ADC modules provide digital low noise, wide bandwidth data acquisition. The 100MBps network data link to the system console provides continuous Ultra-High Resolution recording coupled with external navigation integration.  

The flexible modular system allows for 2D and 3D UHR data acquisition at fast shot intervals for a wide range of marine geophysical survey applications.