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    Oceanography, Limnology and Underwater Technology

    Sensors and complete systems for marine research and water analysis
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    Oceanography, Limnology and Underwater Technology

    Sensors and complete systems for marine research and water analysis
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    Oceanography, Limnology and Underwater Technology

    Sensors and complete systems for marine research and water analysis
  • darkblurbg

    Oceanography, Limnology and Underwater Technology

    Sensors and complete systems for marine research and water analysis

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Underwater Vision, Communication and Measurement Systems

High precision underwater measurement systems

ULS Series - Laser Scanner
2GRobotics - Canada
Underwater Laser Scanner is a measurement system designed for capturing high-detail.
Available models:
- ULS-100: short-range measurements, in areas ranging 0.13m to 1m
- ULS-200: mid-range measurements, in areas ranging from .21m to 2.5m
- ULS-500 PRO: Dynamic Underwater Laser Scanner for wide-range measurements, in areas ranging from 1.15m to 10m

Design, development and manufacture of accessories for underwater works

Zebra-Tech - New Zealand
The Hydro-Wiper is an innovative mechanical wiper system designed to fit easily to a wide variety of optical instruments, including UW cameras. Zebra-Tech is also keen to work on customized models.

Using a regular gentle brushing action, the Hydro-Wiper keeps the optical window of the instrument clean from bio-fouling and unwanted deposits such as mud.
Underwater Calipers
Zebra-Tech - New Zealand
Underwater self-recording calipers to be used by research divers and engineers. Operating depth 40 meters.

Design, development and manufacture of professional underwater vision systems

Beacons used to relocate emerging scientific instrumentation and underwater vehicles

Beacons & Flashers
MetOcean Telematics Novatech - Canada
Tracking & Monitoring products allow for recovery in the deep, harsh ocean environments, for extended periods of time.
Available products:
- Flashers
- Radio Beacons
- Satellite Beacons
- Direction finder

Design and manufacturing of special underwater cables

Novacavi - Italy
Cavi speciali, personalizzati in base alle esigenze del cliente

Instrumentation and Sensors for the measurement of environmental parameters.

Instrumentation and sensors for meteo-marine stations, buoys, moorings, and research vessels.

SeaGuard platform
Aanderaa Data Instruments - Norway
SeaGuard multiparametric platform for measuring direction and intensity of the currents and environmental parameters. Also available in various configurations: SW - IW - DW - WLR - WTR - CTD - O2 - RCM - String - Current Profiler DCP
RCM Blue
Aanderaa Data Instruments - Norway
Self Recording current meter with communication and data retrieval via Bluetooth. It can also integrate a pressure sensor.
Aanderaa Data Instruments - Norway
Intelligent Datalogger HUB for meteo-marine sensors.
Smart Sensors
Aanderaa Data Instruments - Norway
Intelligent sensors for measuring various environmental parameters: Conductivity/Salinity - Current Intensity and direction - Dissolved Oxygen - Pressure/Depth - Temperature - Tide variation - Wave height. They could be mounted on the platform SeaGuard as stand-alone sensors.
AWS & Met Sensors
Aanderaa Data Instruments - Norway
AWS Automatic Weather Station is suited for meteorological monitoring and climate/glaciological research. Air Pressure - Air Temperature - Visibility - Wind Speed and Wind Direction. Data can be recorded on site or be transmitted in real-time.
SeaGuard instruments
Aanderaa Data Instruments - Norway
Multi-parameter instruments for measuring current intensity and direction as well as other environmental parameters. They can be designed in different configurations: SW - IW - DW - WLR - WTR - CTD - O2 - RCM - String - DCP (profiling capacity to collect high quality current information)
Oxygen Optodes
Aanderaa Data Instruments - Norway
Optode smart sensors for the detection of absolute oxygen concentration and % saturation in marine and limnic waters. The optode can be used from streams to deep sea, from fish farms to waste water and from polar ice areas to hydrothermal vents. Lifetime-based luminescence quenching. 4330F is the Fast Response model <8 sec (63%).
DCS current sensors
Aanderaa Data Instruments - Norway
Doppler Current Sensors have been designed for measuring speed and direction of the sea current. 
DCS is a vector averaging sensor with a built-in compass and tilt sensor with a possibility of sending out sea temperature data parameters. Speed range is from 0 to 300cm/s.

The new multi-frequency DCS with ZPulse is using half the power than previous models, achieving better performance.
In-line ZPulse DCS 5800/5810 is modified, more compact and elegant version of the ZPulse DCS 4520 and is easily integrated into systems, connecting to a combined mooring and signal cable in one end and allowing for connection of a continuation cable at the opposite end.

DCPS 5400/5400R - Doppler Current Profiler Sensor is a medium range, 600kHz current profiler smart sensor. It is able to collect high quality current information on moving and tilting platforms, thanks to its acoustic profiling innovative development. Max depth 300m.

Instrumentation for Marine Sciences

Multiparameter Probe
nke - France
Self-recording Datalogger and multiparameter probes for the monitoring of physical and chemical parameters, environmental monitoring, subsea analysis and inspection, fishing control. Temperature - Pressure / Depth - Conductivity/Salinity - Turbidity - Dissolved Oxygen - Fluorescence - pH - Irradiation - Corrosion - Power - Anti-Fouling System. Probes are hermetically closed. Data transmition and instrumentation settings are possible using Data Pencil, excluding a direct contact.
nke - France
Complex Systems for various working areas: fresh waters - estuaries - coastal areas
Deep Sea
nke - France
Complex systems for deep sea areas: CORER - piezometers - deep sea observation - Automatic DataLogger
Floating profilers
nke - France
Subsurface profiling float systems for the ARGO program. Floaters fitted with many different sensors, covering several parameters like dissolved oxygen, CTD, Optical nitrate sensors and many others.

Design and manufacture of a range of sensors & systems for the oceanographic, environmental, defence, homeland security & industrial process control.

Chelsea Technologies Group - UK
UniLux - TriLux - UviLux - TurbiLux - FastOcean - FastBallast - UV AquaTracka - AquaTracka III
Optical instruments used for measuring the fluorescence of algae, dyes and pollutants in the water for the purposes such as dye tracing studies, turbidity dredge monitoring, pollutant tracing, or estimating concentrations of phytoplankton and cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) for bloom predictions. Some of the many parameters measured are: Chlorophyll-a, blue-green algae, dissolved organic matter, Rhodamine WT, Fluoresceine, Phycocyanin, Phycoerythrin, Optical Brighteners, Crude & Refined Hydrocarbons, CDOM, dyes and Tryptophan.
Marine Sensors
Chelsea Technologies Group - UK
Sensors: Plankton Sampler - Cross-Check and Cross-Check Pro - TurbiLux Turbidity Sensors - GlowTracka Bioluminescence - MiniPack CTD-F - Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)

Plankton Sampler is used to collect plankton in the oceans enabling analysis of plankton species distribution and abundance
Cross-Check and Cross_Check Pro - detects and traces sewer misconnections in waste water pipes and waterways by using UV fluorscence and Optical Brighteners.

Turbilux Turbidity Sensors - low cost digital IR turbidity sensor designed for compliancy with ISO 7027:1999 standard.
Glow Tracka Bioluminiscence - is detecting bioluminescen algae within the marine environment and could be used in detection of toxic algae bloom as well as in biomass studies.

MiniPack CTD-F is a multi-parameter sensor containing a fluorometer, conductivity, temperature and depth sensor and is applied for environmental monitoring in open ocean, estuarine and fresh water.
Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)
Acoustic Transducers & Sonar Systems
Chelsea Technologies Group - UK
DualSense - Reciprocal Transducers
SonoFlex - Flexural Disc Transducers
BroadBand - Broadband Projectors
HydroSense - Pre-amplified Hydrophones
SonoTube - Communication Transducers
Hawk - LUX Handheld Display and Logging Unit
Chelsea Technologies Group - UK
Portable, rugged, handheld display with onboard data logger suitable for use in a wide range of environments.

Sampling equipment for Oceanography, Limnology and Hydrology

Water samplers
HydroBios - Germany
Systems for collecting water samples samples at various depths. Multi Water Samplers - Single Water Samplers (Ruttner)
Plankton nets
HydroBios - Germany
Nets for plankton sampling. Multiple Plankton Nets (MultiNet) - Vertical Oceanographic Plankton Nets (Nansen. Indian Ocean) - Horizontal Oceanographic Plankton Nets (Neuston, Nackthai) - Limnological Plankton Nets (Apstein) - Hand Nets (Boettger)
Sediment traps
HydroBios - Germany
Systems for sediment sampling (Saarso)
Bottom samplers
HydroBios - Germany
Systems for seabed sediment sampling (Ekman-Birge, Lenz, Van Veen, Corer)
Plankton examination devices
HydroBios - Germany
Tools and systems for laboratory use, for Plankton analysis: Counting Chamber - Plankton Chamber (Kolkwitz) - Combined Plate Chamber - Pipette (Hensen) - Folson's Divider

Underwater systems, in situ and laboratory sensors, for the analysis of dissolved gases in water, total alkalinity and other parameters

HydroC and HydroFIA
Kongsberg Maritime Contros - Germany
Dissolved gas sensors (CO2 & CH4) and wet chemical analyzers (TA & pH)

Systems for the evaluation of erosion, deposition and for classification of underwater sediment layers.

dotOcean - Belgium
GraviProbe is a free fall impact instrument, that analyze the underwater sediment layers during intrusion. Under its own weight it accelerates and penetrates fluid and consolidated mud layers.
The GraviProbe Rheology provides tip resistance and shear strength.
The GraviProbe Soil is similar to the GraviProbe Rheology but has a conus extension to penetrate hard an stiff sediment layers.
Deep Sea GraviProbe
dotOcean - Belgium
Geotechnical profiling system for deep sea waters. The system is capable of collecting data and thus plot high quality geotechnical profiles of fluid and consolidated mud layers at 5500 m depths and has a measurement resolution of 100 Pa. 
This new approach results in a rapid deployment and in a high data collection rate. The instrument is complementary with classic seabed CPT's.
dotOcean - Belgium
With iCone is a manual mud or sediment profiler, to analyze underwater soil layers in small waterways and rivers by manually pushing the instrument in the soil. This results in a full profile of the soft underwater layer from fluid mud to the hard bottom. The instrument can measure cone penetration resistance in fluid mud and consolidated mud. 
The ICone is equipped with a Bluetooth connection for real time visualization of measured data on a ruggedized tablet.

Underwater acoustic instrumentation & systems

Design and manufacture of a range of sensors & systems for the oceanographic, environmental, defence, homeland security & industrial process control.

Acoustic Transducers & Sonar Systems
Chelsea Technologies Group - UK
DualSense - Reciprocal Transducers
SonoFlex - Flexural Disc Transducers 
BroadBand - Broadband Projectors 
HydroSense - Pre-amplified Hydrophones
SonoTube - Communication Transducers

Acoustic systems for subsea navigation, positioning and marine seismic surveys.

USBL tracking systems
Applied Acoustics Engineering - UK
Ultra Short Baseline System (USB) for underwater positioning and tracking, based on a single multi-element transducer that transmits and receives acoustic signals from submarines target.
- Nexus 2
- Alpha & Alpha Portable
- Nexus Lite
Positioning Beacons
Applied Acoustics Engineering - UK
Beacon for the acoustic positioning: Micro Bracons 21x, 31x - Mini Beacons 101x - Midi Beacons 103x - Fatboy Beacons 106x - Seabed Beacons 105x - Low frequency Beacons 66x - Beacon Tester - V-Nav Acoustic Positioning System
Release Beacon
Applied Acoustics Engineering - UK
Release acoustic beacon, a release system for recovery of equipment deployed in the seabed. The Beacon is joined to the anchoring system, which will be dropped with a remote control.
Sub-bottom Profiling
Applied Acoustics Engineering - UK
Seismic survey systems: Energy sources CSP - Sound soure Boomers - Sound soure Sparkers - S-Boom - Deep Tow Sparker DTS-500 - Streamer di idrofoni

Intelligent digital hydrophones, for gathering Ocean sounds

icListen Hydrophones
OceanSonics - Canada
Smart hydrophones that integrates within the same sensor amplifier, filter, converter and memory. icListen HF - icListen LF - icListen AF - HF icListen Reson - icTalk Projector - Lucy Software

Ultrasonic instrumentation for the measurament of underwater metal thickness

UW NDT gauges
Tritex NDT - UK
Multigauge 5500 Waist - Multigauge 5600 - Multigauge 5700 Datalogger - Multigauge 300 Underwater Diver - Multigauge 4000 Underwater ROV - Multigauge 3100 Surface Display Unit - ROV Probe Holder
ClampOn - Norway
ClampOn’s Subsea (Max Operational Depth 2700m) WTM is a flexible tool designed for temporary installation and inspection at multiple locations. The instrument measures pipe wall thickness using the travel time of ultrasonic pulses. It is equipped with a piezo-electric element to provide precise wall thickness measurements in multi echo mode. The WTM is non-intrusive and can take measurements on coated pipes.

Data is stored in flash memory for fast and simple download and data analysis once retrieved, or be available as real-time measurement through an optional subsea cable-to-surface capability.

Wide range of solutions and hydroacoustic systems for the exploration and marine research, classification of the seabed, distribution and classification of fish and marine vegetation population.

Split-beam Scientific Echosounders
BioSonics - USA

High Accurate Hydro-acoustic Echosounders & High Resolution Imaging Sonars

Echologger Echosounders
Echologger - Korea
Echologger Echosounders have a range of interface schemes from Autonomous to USB and conventional serial interface (RS232/RS485).
Several versions, characterized by different and peculiar features: AA400, EA400, EU400, ECS400, ECT400, AIR50, EUD24, ECSD24 and ECTD24.
Echologger Scanning-sonar
Echologger - Korea
Echologger’s scanning sonar utilizes high sensitive broadband piezo-composite transducers for improved image quality.
It is charachterized by outstanding features of high scanning speed, high resolution imaging and rotational scanning sonar.
Models: RS900 and MRS900.

Complex systems

Advanced solutions of sensors and systems assembly, signal processing and transmission and underwater communication.

Underwater Communication Systems
develogic - Germany
Underwater acoustics communication systems: HAM-NODE - HAM-BASE
Modular Underwater Pressure Housings & Refillable Battery Container
develogic - Germany
Underwater housings, for sensors and instruments and refillable battery container, designed to fit inside our MCH composite pressure housings, available for shallow and deep water.
Mooring Frames, Release Module and Swivel
develogic - Germany
Mooring.Frame - DW.Release - Swivel
Buoy Systems
develogic - Germany
Oceanographic and navigational buoys, to fulfill customer requirements. Deep sea moored telemetry-relay buoys, dry falling data buoys for shallow waters, wave riding buoys or spar buoys, stable platforms for oceanographic instrumentation.
Available models:
- MI.Sat II
- Data Buoy SB.600/1000
- BNL Nav.Light
- BPM Buoy Power Manager

Subsea Cathodic Protection Surveying Instrumentation

BathyCorrometer® Pro' - Complete Kit
Buckleys - UK
The latest version of the industry-standard BathyCorrometer® brings a host of developments including a negative display of the structure- to-electrolyte potential and is designed to make it simpler than ever to carry out subsea cathodic protection surveys and further enhance the BathyCorrometer’s reliability.


• Buckleys BathyCorrometer® Pro’
• Battery charger
• 6 x hardened stainless steel probe tips
• Probe tip spanner
• Silicone grease
• Zinc and magnesium test blocks
• Flexible lanyard with carabiner connection
• All contained in fitted carrying case with instruction manual
UCP 1A Contact Type Probe
Buckleys - UK
The UCP1A contact probe is a lightweight and versatile instrument that provides a means of carrying out underwater cathodic protection potential measurements.

It has been specially designed for use with manned or Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and comes complete with 3 metres of underwater cable. When the stainless steel probe tip of the UCP1A makes contact with the surface under test, the resulting voltage can be read on a suitable high impedance or digital voltmeter.

The UCP1A is extensively used in a wide range of applications including production and drilling platforms, ships’ hulls, jetties and other marine works.
UCP 1B Proximity Type Probe
Buckleys - UK
The UCP1B proximity probe is a lightweight and versatile instrument specifically designed to carry out underwater cathodic protection potential measurements.

The probe has been developed for use with manned or Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and comes complete with 3 metres of cable. By placing the UCP1B in close proximity to the surface under test, a voltage reading can be obtained on a suitable high impedance or digital voltmeter. The meter should be connected between the probe and a separate structure negative return.

The UCP1B is extensively used in a wide range of applications including production and drilling platforms, ships’ hulls, jetties and other marine works.