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Mepeco focuses on technology designed for extreme conditions, challenging the most prohibitive environments from the polar regions to the most inaccessible deserts. 
Diving to the crushing pressure of the deepest ocean trenches, surviving the intense subterranean temperatures, and safely working with the most dangerous elements, we preserve integrity ensuring maximum accuracy, performance and reliability.

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New AANDERAA Sailbuoy

Sailbuoy with Aanderaa Sensor Pack:
- The Sailbuoy offers a unique method to gather data in remote locations
- Completely autonomous, driven by wind and solar energy, this robust vessel features a low cost way to gather ocean data from the surface layers
- The Aanderaa version of the Sailbuoy features a specially designed keel for sensors
- Data is transmitted in real time via Iridium Satellite
- Autopiloting is done via Iridium Satellite from shore using a simple mapping application
- Fouling is avoided using a UV light

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Chelsea CTG New V-Lux Multi-Parameter Fluorometer

The V-Lux Multi-parameter fluorometer is configured to detect either Algae, Aromatic Hydrocarbons or Tryptophan-like fluorescence. Fluorescence is automatically corrected for turbidity, absorbance and temperature to provide robust data collection over extended deployments.

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