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    Enhanced Processing Radar Solutions for Research & Seismic Vessels, Oil Platforms, Cruise Ships

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Radar Based Solutions for Environmental protection and Surface wave and current monitoring

Radar Based Solution for environmental protection
Rutter - Canada
Oil Spill Detection - OSD detecs and controls oil spills indipendentemente dalle condizioni di mare, meteo e luce.
Ice Navigator - The sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ Ice Detection and Navigation system enables ships operating in ice to differentiate between open water, ice pans, leads in ice fields, and the thicker ice ridges that impact operations in ice zones.
Small Target Surveillance System - Rutter’s sigma S6 technology for the detection and tracking of small and nearly hidden targets that can foul towed arrays, including birds, buoys, diverters, and streamers. Rutter’s STS System detects small and low profile objects such as ice, wooden buoys, fishing gear and floating debris that can foul seismic streamers and acoustic sensors in tow.
Radar solutions for monitoring waves and surface currents from Vessels, Platforms and Coastal Installations
Rutter - Canada
WaMoS II - System for the monitoring and characterization of waves and surface currents, in any type of environmental condition.

Sigma S6 wamos® II measures and displays essential wave field parameters including significant wave height (Hs), Peak wave period (Tp), Peak wave length (λp), Peak wave direction (θp), as well as surface current speed (U) and surface current direction (θU) for wind sea and swell.