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nCENTRIC Industries Applications

nCentric Oil & Gas
nCENTRIC - Belgio
Centric designs and builds networking solutions to simplify daily routines for the offshore industry. Innovative, high capacity wireless IP networks, made possible by our 100% dedicated in-house developed products. Envisioning a nearby future where complex offshore operations are made easier by offering a reliable, real-time high bandwidth connection.

Exchanging live HD video from ROVs or expanding the fibre bandwidth from the rig to other assets in the field are just some of the possibilities.
nCentric Dredging
nCENTRIC - Belgio
nCentric supports dredging companies by providing seamless, high-bandwidth communication services between all parties involved in a complex dredging operation.
nCentric Windfarms
nCENTRIC - Belgio
Along with the subsea power cables required for connecting the wind farm to the grid, a high-capacity fibre cable is often installed.
nCentric can leverage this fibre to distribute unrivalled internet bandwidth at ultralow latencies to all vessels working in the wind farm.

nCENTRIC Products